The 15th anniversary Moscow International Exhibition "ARMS & Hunting-2018" took place (October 11 - 14, 2018) in Moscow, Gostiny Dvor

The anniversary exhibition “ARMS & Hunting-2018” for the 15th time gathered the best foreign and domestic manufacturers, dealers and distributors of weapons, accessories and hunting equipment.

Dedal-NV Company demonstrated its novelty - Dedal-T4.642 Pro LRF thermal riflescope with a built-in rangefinder, with the ability to measure distances up to 4000 meters.

This multifunction thermal device allows you to exchange information with various mobile devices through Bluetooth channel.

The new software version (v.5.1) also allows you to indicate and measure weapon falling, angle of position and speeds up the work of the program by 15-20%.

The guests of the exhibition were also interested in sighting systems (day riflescope with night or thermal clip-on sights) and night vision riflescopes, which many shooters believe are unduly driven by thermal imaging technology.

At the exhibition, visitors could familiarize themselves not only with Dedal-NV production, but also confirm high technical characteristics of Dedal devices in comparison with competing devices of other manufacturers.