Results of XI - x the International competitions of sniper couples among police and anti-terrorist divisions (Yeysk-Krasnodar, September 11-16, 2016)

Every two years in Krasnodar region (this year in Yeysk) taking place the biggest competitions...


“Dedal-NV” company participates in “Orsis day”

Firing range, Klimovsk, 30.07.2016


Dedal-NV Company invites everyone to test new day riflescopes (with the 1st focal plane) and thermal vision devices and clip-on sights

Action will take place in a format of ORSIS day at the Klimovsk ground at 30.07.2016.




JSC Dedal-NV

JSC Dedal-NV is a Russian producer and supplier of professional night vision systems. Our systems are successfully used in amateur and professional activity for keeping a night look-out, for hunting, for object’s guarding and patrolling, for technical support of law and order services, for rescue and search missions, for night photo and video shooting and for navigational safety of ships.

The enterprise Dedal-NV was created in 1991 (in the period of strong competition among 50 Russian enterprises in night vision systems production) on the base of Russian state defense industry enterprise in the course of defense industry conversion. At the time being we are known as producers (ISO 9001-2008) of high quality night-vision systems both in Russia and abroad. Some elaborations have not any world analogues.